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What do you think about the level of global competitiveness of smart government services
Are the level of services improved and delivered more efficiently and effectively
The accuracy and clarity of the content of smart government services
Are services periodically reviewed, usage ratios measured and customer feedback checked
The level of customer usage of smart applications for government agencies
The level of response of institutions with questions and suggestions and complaints of clients
Ease of access to information and services through the website
Do smart government services support transparency?
Are smart government services working to reduce bureaucracy and red tape?
Are smart government services delivered through a single window?
Do the smart government services that are provided meet all the needs of the customers?
Are the smart government services that are offered interconnected and involve more than one hand in one operation
Are smart government services provided to the customers?
How to assess the level of government services provided within the framework and concept of smart government and smart city services
What do you think of the efforts of government institutions to educate customers on how to use smart services
The level of customer's confidence in the use of e-payment services for government services
How well we maintain our corporate reputation and adhere to the principle of credibility to customers
Average use of smart government services compared to traditional government services in your organization
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